Acne Treatment

Acne, is quite often vstrechalsya skin problem that affects mostly teenagers. From a medical point of view the notorious pimples can not be a dangerous disease, but to cause psychological trauma they are quite capable, especially in adolescence. Also increasingly asking for help to get rid of acne to cosmetologists and dermatologists treat people, long out of adolescence.

Boys and girls, faced with the unsightly problem of acne must understand that the skin hardly cleared itself. The skin became clean and healthy, it is necessary to constantly take care of. And the sooner steps will be taken to combat acne, the more chances you have to get rid of them for good and not to “inherited” ugly scars.

To get rid of blackheads (comedones) and blackheads, you need to choose the right series of cosmetic products for everyday care of problem skin.

The complex of measures on struggle with acne  includes, first, cleansing of the skin. Clean your skin by washing at least two times a day (morning and before bedtime). For these purposes, contrary to popular belief, you should not use alkaline soap, because it dries the skin and thereby encourages the sebaceous glands to produce even more secret, that is sebum, which exacerbates the problem. So for cleansing it is better to use products designed especially for oily skin (lotion, gel or foam).

About twice a week, the skin needs deep cleansing and exfoliation. However, if you have inflamed acne scrubit to the skin, it is better to use soft peels and scrubs.

After cleansing the skin should be treated with antiseptic lotion alcohol-free (alcohol, as well as alkaline soap, dry skin).

On the affected acne areas to apply means a point action. This can be a special anti-acne ointments, creams and magmas. These funds are best purchased after consultation with a dermatologist.

To hydrate and nourish the skin affected with acne, you should use a hypoallergenic moisturizer that protects from UV rays.

Twice a week it is advisable to pamper your skin with cleansing masks, for example, on the basis of white clay. In such masks, in small quantities (2-3 drops) you can add essential oils with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects (tea tree oil, etc.).

When choosing cosmetics, also should give preference to those types that are designed for oily skin (all kinds of scissors, having not only masking, but also antiseptic properties). It is worth noting that to get rid of acne is quite difficult, if you plan to use Foundation and blush, clog pores and prevent the skin breathing.

Unfortunately, choosing the right makeup and good care are not always able to get rid of acne. In this case, you need the help of a dermatologist. Such a specialist can not only give practical advice on how to care for your skin, but also to conduct the necessary procedures and, if necessary, to send to other physicians, such as endocrinologist, gynecologist or gastroenterologist. The fact that acne (especially in adulthood) may be a consequence of the malfunction of some body systems. Reveal the true cause of skin problems the doctor can prescribe medication to help a person to get rid of acne.

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