Cystitis – a dangerous disease. Cystitis treatment

Cystitis – a dangerous disease. In order to prevent repeated symptoms, the best treatment to be taken seriously. But what are its symptoms that can be used for treatment at home, without referring it to the doctor?

Experts say that female representatives are more likely to get cystitis than men, because women’s urethra is shorter and wider, which contributes to the rapid spread of germs to the bladder, causing in most cases, inflammation of its mucosa. Diagnosis: cystitis. Let’s try to understand the main reasons for its occurrence.


Consider the most common cases:

1) the long time in the cold;

2) there is a risk, if previously transferred gynecological or sexually transmitted diseases;

3) at constant constipation;

4) at least five times per day is urination;

5) at a constant sitting down on the job or in the classroom without interruption;

6) frequent malnutrition, stress, insomnia, lack of sleep;

7) frequent use in the diet of their food is very spicy, fried foods;

8) when you are not using a condom during anal and vaginal sex;

9) wearing uncomfortable, very tight, slimming clothes.

Signs that confirm cystitis.

Frequent and painful urination (more than seven times per day). Even if in the bladder a small amount of fluid, then the patient will still be feeling its fullness.

There are other symptoms:

1) nervous condition of the person;

2) the presence of blood in the urine or purulent discharge;

3) dark urine color;

4) change the color of urine;

5) painful urination;

6) unpleasant smell of urine;

7) may increase the temperature, but not always.

Methods for the treatment of cystitis.

They know a huge amount. Below we give you the most common and effective ways. In order to achieve full recovery it is recommended to use all of our proposed systems.

Homeopathy as a combat cystitis.

This method of treatment is individual for each person. So every patient of their feelings and intuition assigns itself a treatment. In the modern world know more than a thousand different drugs for the treatment of this disease. The specialist will choose the individual drug for a patient. In homeopathy for the treatment of inflammatory processes takes much less time than in traditional medicine. There were times when for two days experienced specialist removed an acute inflammation in the patient. But to cure cystitis need less than thirty days.

A classic fight with cystitis.

To treat this way to start will need to first pass urine, and bacterial analysis. This is to ensure that the doctors determined the sensitivity of microbial flora to antibiotics. Upon detection of cystitis experts can give a direction for tests on diseases that are transmitted sexually (HIV, AIDS, RW, etc.). With this method the main “weapon”, destroying cystitis are antibiotics. In addition to the treatment the patient can drink more water, make warm baths or use a decoction of chamomile or eucalyptus.

Cystitis and herbal medicine

This method is the most effective of all that was offered to us above. The fact that it not only removes the symptoms of the disease, but totally eliminate it, making the person healthy absolute. Importantly, during treatment, you need to use the rules that you have told your doctor. Experts recommend their patients to adhere to the diets regularly to make herbal decoctions, while completely abandoning antibiotics. The most common medicinal herbs they mention about the two tinctures. First: you need to mix two tablespoons of leaves and flowers Althea officinalis, two tablespoons of ordinary Heather, one tablespoon of berries rose hips, wild chicory root and peppermint. Second: a mixture consisting of two tablespoons of plantain leaves and flax seeds and one tablespoon of the roots of cyanosis and oregano.

The first and the second mixture must first be crushed with a knife, pour it all into 500 ml of water and boil on the stove to simmer, not forgetting to stir. The time it will take from five to ten minutes. Strain not necessarily. At night you can put this herbal remedy, and after use fifty or a hundred ml three to four times a day before eating (about half an hour). The last time the decoction is taken before bedtime.

The most important thing in the treatment of cystitis is what you need to drink more water, thus speeding up the excretory system, and use anti-inflammatory drugs to eliminate bacteria from the body. People say to cure cystitis, need to combine herbs with these features. And this: the leaves of chamomile, cranberries, immortelle.

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