Lack of iodine

It often happens that we have mood changes dramatically and everything around us begins to irritate and annoy. Some scientists believe that the reason for this may be lack of iodine in the body.

Why iodine for our body? Really it’s so important to us?

Iodine is important because it promotes the formation of certain hormones of the thyroid gland, namely the thyroid. If the body lacks this hormone, the functioning of our thyroid gland is very much disturbed, and at the same time there is a violation of metabolism. A lot depends on the violation of the ratio of iodine in our body. This includes our physical development, and how it works the nervous system, and mechanisms of thermoregulation. For example, if the child’s body lacks this element, it can be worse to learn, but the adults have very significantly reduced their performance. When iodine deficiency is very difficult to lose weight. The iodine we need, in order to form phagocytes, cells that destroy microorganisms alien type, so when he (Yoda) is small, then our immune system suffers. Well provided with iodine, the body of those people who live in coastal areas, and the farther away from sea areas, the lower will be the concentration of this element in air, water and foods. Rare and not everyone can do tests on the definition of iodine deficiency, since this study is not cheap. There are ways to determine its level in the home. For example, look at the kitchen what salt you use. If the ordinary, your body may not be satisfied with the amount of iodine.

Let’s test the level of iodine in our body.

Therefore, it is necessary to consume foods that contain iodine. It is believed that every day should be consumed by choice or one teaspoon of table sea Kale, or only two hundred grams of sea fish, but not all have the opportunity to use these products. But, iodine is enriched and even products such as bread, eggs, milk, are not harmful to our health, although the most reliable source is iodized salt. Endocrinologists believe that prevent should be consumed about six grams every day, about complete with top of teaspoon.

Here we give approximate daily norms of consumption of the element iodine.


150 mcg

For teenagers

200 mcg

For children

100 mcg

The average consumption

40-80 mcg

But the overdose of iodine in the human body.

No, the products that we use every day to get an overdose of this drug is impossible, but through medications easily. Only one drop of iodine, which is present in each first aid kit medical, can accommodate a yearly intake of this substance, which easily penetrates the human body even through the skin and mucous membranes. When we lubricated the wound is not terrible, but it so happens that some people try to treat the holo painting of iodine mesh on the neck in the thyroid gland – it is impossible.

Iodine contain other drugs, so if you have or have had problems in this area, before taking a particular drug, consult your doctor. Endocrinologist, as well as any other physician, you must visit at least once in two years, but if you or someone from your family had any thyroid disease, it is best not less than once a year, and pregnant — twice.

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