What to do if the nails are thinned? Nail care

The health of the nail to a greater extent watch women. This is not another article similar to others here only tested solutions to various problems. Article will tell you about how to care for nails, what to do treatments and more. Statistically, not every woman knows the right formula of nail care.

Many say that the condition of fingernails is an indicator of your health. If the nail is impaired growth, this suggests that the body is not enough iron, iodine, vitamins and need to take action. Nail is a very important vitamin A.

Nail care

To cure the nails, you must eat more foods that contain calcium, phosphorus, and dairy products. Eat fish! It contains a very high amount of calcium. Use special creams for hands and nails. If you think that healthy eating means you are ill-treated nails. The problems are different. If the nails exfoliate, or broken down, it was due to the fact that you cut the nail plate without moisture. Maybe treat the nails with a metal nail file. Sometimes the problem happens in absolutely simple things — the liquid varnish remover. You need to choose the liquid that has a low concentration. What to do in these cases? When splitting nails you need to file them together with a special coating. Nail file need to from the corners to the center. Can buy clear lacquer, which will strengthen your nails. Make sure your nail Polish no formaldehyde!

If the nails become soft, then it may be due to poor circulation in the fingers and hands. To solve the problem, often necessary to massage the hands, use a nourishing cream.

When the microcrack is worth considering how you file your nails. No need to talk with a nail file in different directions, don’t do it in haste, if late for something. In the formation of longitudinal borozdov you need to go to the doctor, then he will determine the cause of the “bump” of the nail plate, and then prescribe treatment. This could happen because of strong pressure on the nails.

What to do if the nails are thinned?

The decision in this case is simple — often Polish the nails. Most likely, you often grind off the surface of your nails. In this case, the nails can often break down. To avoid this, you need every day to RUB into the skin of the nail (around) almond oil. Oily fish can help to avoid these problems. Don’t forget — she’s fat, and therefore, it can affect your body. Just measure! If the option is not suitable fish — remains have nuts.

Do not paint your nails too often, let them rest at least 2-3 days a week. By the way, about relaxation — wash dishes only with gloves while applying sunscreen.

When the yellow tint on your nails, be sure to apply a protective base under bright varnish. With all this, smokers, girls do not get rid of this problem. Nails are permanently yellow. Only one solution — quit! Smoking may appear spots. If they are white, then your body’s lack of zinc or you eat too much sugar. If brown spots, then you have a lack of folic acid and vitamin C.

Every person is unique and the problems are different. The most common problems and their solutions you have learned. If you follow all the tips — the problem will be solved. Research experts have proven the effectiveness of these methods and tips on nail care. Constant monitoring of the health of your nails will help to identify problems in the early stages, with the result that you will begin to act.

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