Everything you didn’t know about cholesterol and its level in the blood

As soon as people learned about the cholesterol, they dubbed it his most malicious enemy. However, if thoroughly understand, your opinion about this mysterious substance will change.

Let’s together try to find true answers to 5 most popular questions about cholesterol in the blood, it is normal, and how to reduce high cholesterol by eating certain foods and using other ways.

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But is it cholesterol?

There is no dispute that high cholesterol in the body leads to many diseases. However, without it does not. Because this cholesterol helps the body in producing bile acids necessary for digestion. Vitamin D is also formed with its participation. The cell membrane is undoubtedly in need of this construction material. In women the sex hormones – estrogen and progesterone could not be formed without cholesterol. Go ahead.

Can cholesterol be good or bad?

Illustration showing the process of ateriosclerosis

Cholesterol in its pure form in the body does not exist. It is part of the connections. Along with fats and proteins, it forms a lipoprotein. If they have low density (LDL), they are involved in the formation of plaques on the walls of blood vessels. This is very bad and can lead to atherosclerosis – a disease of the arteries, which is a consequence of lipid metabolism. But there are high density lipoproteins (HDL). They are needed for the body, because it removes cholesterol deposits. When the body LDL and HDL are the same, for vessels there is no threat, they remain clean. When exceeding the allowed amount of LDL, the risk of developing atherosclerosis in humans increases. So the body needs not a permanent lowering of cholesterol, and it is the balance between “bad” and “good” connections.

How cholesterol is taken into the body?

Most people falsely believe that cholesterol is introduced into our organism with food. It turns out that it is not so. Only 20% of the substance is formed from the food we eat. The rest (80%) is formed directly in the body. The liver, ovaries, adrenal glands and small intestine are capable of forming cholesterol. Want to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body, restrict certain groups of products which it contains with large quantities:

Margarine, butter, lard.

Pates, sausages, smoked meats, fatty meats, offal, sausages.

Fat cottage cheese and cheese, ice cream, condensed milk.

You already know that cholesterol is in the product line of animal origin. And its absolutely not in plant foods. Sometimes the sellers to attract buyers ‘ attention, write on the package an attractive inscription: “No cholesterol!” And because in oil it has never been so elementary you want to sell some product.

Norm of cholesterol in blood

Another misconception of people that the lower the level of cholesterol in the body, the better it is. It’s not true. For the metabolism of cholesterol is simply necessary. To all processes in the body was normal, the level of this substance shall not exceed 5 mmol/L. However, if this level decreases, the body can overtake the trouble. Along with the bad cholesterol can be reduced and the amount of good that protects vessels from atherosclerosis. People who deny themselves the consumption of meat and dairy products, are more likely to suffer depression, for women the lack of fat can affect the health of the skin and hair.

How to lower cholesterol in the body cholesterol to productassist high cholesterol can and should be. It is important to make a proper menu and to balance your diet. Restrict eating foods that can increase cholesterol levels. Replace them with vegetable food. Eat more fruits and vegetables, fiber and pectin contained in them, bind and excrete excess cholesterol. Keep track of your weight. Avoid excess body weight even by 5 kg. exercise, the more you walk. It strengthens the heart and blood vessels.

To reduce cholesterol, eat foods that will take care of it with you. Here are the most effective ones:

Avocado is a champion of the content of healthy fats. It helps to rid the body of excess cholesterol, similar to the action of drugs.

Garlic can thin the blood. It contains allicin that fights cholesterol.

Sea fish is a reliable assistant, which will help to cope with this problem. Its fatty acids are beneficial for the body and can withdraw excess cholesterol.

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