About proper nutrition

Have or not have? That is the question!

Absolutely incorrect installation!

Why? Here you have chosen, say, “do not eat”. Day passes, two… That’s right! Since the Lord has put in us such a bulky unit, such as the digestive tract, is to do nothing, we have to use! And the only thing we not only can but should USE THEM RIGHT!

What is “proper nutrition”? Also understandable, if you think about it. You must take food that provides all the needs of our body, but not poisoning and is not contaminating the system, and, of course, strictly necessary at the moment. Easy, right?

And after all this long ago know! “But why still people suffer and suffer, trying to lose weight?” — you will ask. The answer is simple too! Re-read this paragraph! The clue is in the words “providing for the needs of our body and need numbers”! We are all chronically thousands of years probably eating wrong!

The reasons are different.Well and the main, sometimes only for Russian women eat what is cooked for the whole family! Every one of the approaches is wrong! All! Why? And because they do not allow us to choose the only thing that we need right now!

Tips nutritionists almost always useless because designed for some average person. You consider yourself average? Well, this is something seriously sick! Then we all remember that each of the billions of average needs an individual approach!


That’s just not necessary to grasp at that thought and a plaintive whine that you have no money for a personal nutritionist!

He is at all! Remember about the many inherent in us programs life support which help us to eat right?

And now explain me, and then herself.


But then people began to live in a civilized way: to cook food on fire, to make multi-component food, move less… Then it gets worse. There was a public opinion and customs. “From here to there can — be no more”. Was there appendicitis, obesity and salt deposition.

Now the situation has reached extremes. Products have become more and poor quality! But the patterns and traditions are a dime a dozen, and everything was extremely active in imposing! Normal traffic in the cities is lost in General, and the complexity of the dishes was off scale all conceivable norms! And what are we surprised?!

The gospel (Greek.) — the good news.

Dictionary of foreign words.

I’m not going to feed you another “slur”! Here’s to you “gospel” in the original sense of the word: our systems are able to function well even in these conditions!!!

Start using them it is possible and necessary right now! How? It’s very simple! Focus on your musicke and ask, “What would I eat?

Listen to the sense of proper nutrition. The answer has already arrived! In 99% of cases this will be: “Nothing.” Why? And because, when a person is REALLY hungry, he does not read the book!

Now some of you indignantly mentally screamed: “and that’s not true! I immediately stomach sucked in and wanted soup to eat!” Or: “And my mouth — the taste of shrimp in pineapple sauce, and I want to eat!”

About shrimp simple. Where is the taste? In your mouth. It’s not the stomach replied — it tastes papilla to indulge. Interrupt! Give them the will to walk can not!

A little harder with soup. My dear, if your idea of eating it responded stomach — it is both simpler and more complicated than the previous case. Easier because you already have a direct mental contact with the stomach. Harder — you still have to learn to distinguish the signals of emptiness and the desirable form of food. But the main thing is done: the process started! Now we will only improve!

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