Apple diet – sweet weight loss!

It is no secret that the ideal figure is the dream of every girl and women. Today there is a huge variety of diets that can help you not just to lose weight but also to maintain your weight in the required form. Most of the available on the Internet diet quite debilitating and require from the owner a few extra pounds great effort to comply with them.

apple diet plan

The benefits of apples

Apples themselves are very useful, and those who consume them regularly, I feel great because they contain almost all vitamins and minerals that are necessary for our body. And the benefits of iron, pectin and sugar, which are also included in the composition of Apple, known to all. Remember the tale about rejuvenating apples – they charged a man with energy and allow to look younger than their years. British scientists have proven the fact that people who daily consume at least one Apple in the food, can cope with many diseases to cope with the first signs of aging, as these fruits help to rejuvenate the body and support immunity. Since ancient times, the apples used for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as gout, rheumatism, atherosclerosis, eczema and other diseases that afflict the human body.

Many people believe that apples contain a lot of acids, which negatively affects the body. First and foremost, you need to remember that any diet cannot be used permanently, it is necessary to alternate some of the most suitable diet programs. And secondly, if your body is prone to peptic ulcers, among the varieties of apples you must choose the ones that are the most sweet, sour and sour-sweet apples better eliminate.Apple diet

Apple diet – instructions for use

In the first day of the diet you must eat one (at least) a kilo of apples. In the intervals it is recommended to drink green tea without sugar. If this diet seems too complex, then you can treat yourself to small portion of crackers. On the second day the number of apples needs to increase by half (again taking in between meals is green tea and crackers). The third and fourth days are the most difficult since the number of apples in this period should be extended to two pounds, and on the crackers and do you need to give up. On the fifth day – half a kilogram of apples and tea. On the sixth day reduce the number of apples to one kilo, and seventh to get on the scale and look at the result. Believe me, it will be stunning!

But this does not mean that you can immediately score stomach favorite foods, enjoying the lost weight. Apple diet implies that it is necessary to go slowly, repeatedly increasing the number of familiar products.

This diet is good because it can be repeated every two or three months, especially without exhausting the body. Moreover, it is quite economical in financial terms, what can be said about, say, a diet six petals, which is also very popular today.

Not only for weight loss

Many people use diet not only as a means for getting rid of extra pounds, but also as a means of strengthening the body. Today the most popular are diet to help support immunity and help cleanse the body (such as the rice diet to cleanse).

Apples, as mentioned above, help extend the life, and in combination with dairy products – help to cope with negative conditions (environmental hazard areas), recent disease (by surgery), the recovery of the body after a long and debilitating medication (antibiotics).

Apple-kefir diet means that during the week in addition to eating apples, you need to drink each receiving a Cup of yogurt, which promotes better digestion of fruits, normalization of intestinal microflora. In the period of the diet you can drink mineral and plain water, green tea (without sugar).Apple diet

For those who want to quit Smoking and can not find a suitable and effective way, this diet can also help. The fact that apples dull the sense of nicotine hunger, and if you gradually replace cigarettes with apples, you can permanently refuse this bad habit.

Rule of thumb when dieting is that everything should be in moderation. If in the first or second day you are to feel very badly, the number of apples that you eat, it is necessary to reduce at least 200-300 grams and to drink more frequently, not very strong brewed green tea, abandoning sugar, and slightly increasing the number of crackers. If you feel this has not improved, it is possible to described diet you simply do not fit, and should refer to another popular diet systems and programs.

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