Vitamin diet: healthy and slim body

To lose weight with vitamin diet and improve the body possible if you give preference to vitamin diet.Designed diet for a week. Within seven days you can drink the juices from vegetables and fruits, tea without sugar, preferably green, dog rose decoction, berry fruit drinks, clean water without gas.

It is advisable to follow the following diet:

Vitamin diet Day 1

For Breakfast it is recommended to cook a pumpkin-wheat mixture, you can fill a small amount of honey.For lunch treat yourself to a vegetable diet soup and steamed vegetables Turkey or chicken.In the afternoon allow yourself a baked Apple and drizzled with honey.Dine buckwheat, cottage cheese mixture, seasoned with honey.In this day allowed to eat 2-3 small spoon of natural honey.

apple diet

Day 2 diet

In the morning make a useful raisin salad with grated carrots and apples. Wash down with tea without sugar.At lunch, prepare stews and bean-mushroom soup.In the afternoon pamper yourself with prunes or dried apricots-100 gr.For dinner, eat cabbage rolls without meat in tomato sauce. As drink it is recommended to use Morse.

carrot diet

Day 3 diet plan

For Breakfast, boil a couple of eggs and chop salad includes lots of vegetables. 0,5 Cup of coffee without sugar will help you feel awake and energetic.Lunch involves cauliflower soup, soup and white fish (boiled or baked).In the afternoon half of the mango.Dinner vegetable risotto, and after half an hour drink a decoction of dog rose.


Vitamin diet Day 4

Breakfast recommended a low-fat blend of yoghurt and muesli is one of natural juices.Lunch salad made from boiled breast of the bird with oranges and eggplant.Afternoon tea will fill you with a banana.A heavy dinner is good to eat beetroot.

yoghurt diet plan

Day 5 diet vitamin

Breakfast salad, made with lemon juice, mix apples with pumpkin and honey.Lunch garlic soup with fresh vegetables.Afternoon tea consists of two ripe tangerines.Dine on low-fat yogurt with low fat cottage cheese.

lemon juice

Day 6

Repeat all of the menus specified in the first diet day.

Day 7

Breakfast toast, spread with natural jam and wash down with green tea.At lunch, prepare a soup with chicken and tomatoes and a salad of fresh vegetables.In the afternoon you can eat half a pineapple.Dinner includes pasta, seasoned tomato sauce, and boiled shrimp.

natural jam

It is possible to choose another option vitamin diet. The point of it is the use of vitamin and protein food separately, the exclusion of fats from the diet. Water without gas, tea and herbal teas can be drunk in any quantity.To products that contain large amounts of protein are eggs, meat, boiled sausages, fish, poultry, cheese and cheese.

To products containing large amounts of vitamins are fruits and vegetables. However, you should limit the consumption of potatoes, apricots and grapes. Eat recommended six visits, alternating techniques of protein and vitamin food. Using this diet, you can get rid of 5 pounds of excess weight. Lose weight with benefit for your body.

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