What can replace the sugar and how to deal with cravings?

Sugar and sweets like everybody and that’s why we can say that many somewhere deep inside lives a small, but very well-fed Carlson, who constantly asks for something sweet: tile chocolate, cookie, candy, cake, etc. But there is nothing to worry, if you know the measure and not to run to the kitchen every half an hour. But what if the sweet tooth above all, when a craving for sweets and cookies turns into a pathological addiction?

Where does the sugar cravings?

Unhealthy sugar cravings may be a consequence of disruption of the pancreas, low blood pressure or cervical degenerative disc disease, which constricts blood vessels, which is the main source of supply in the brain of all nutrients, including glucose. It is therefore important, first, to go to a physician and to a neurologist for consultation. If need be, you can go to a gastroenterologist and heal already at it, because in some situations he can help to cope with the situation.

Sometimes a tooth are those who in the body there is a shortage of certain types of trace elements: chromium, phosphorus, carbon and tryptophan. These chemicals in large quantities are contained in many foods.

That can replace sugar?

Sugar, as with any confection, very high in calories, but the extra weight is not the most terrible misfortune that can be associated with excess consumption of sugary foodstuffs. People constantly consume sweets and sugary drinks, have diabetes, heart problems and blood vessels. They have bad skin and brittle bones are often crushed and teeth. And this is because in addition to split sugar, the body begins to consume a lot of calcium, which provokes these problems.

Some sweet tooth, knowing about harm of sugar, begin to use its artificial low-calorie substitutes. But to believe that this will help to cope with the extra weight, not necessary, because the human brain continues to react to the sweet taste. Therefore, anything you eat after that, even the most healthy foods, insulin will continue out of habit to stock up on fats.

We should remember that the substitutes were originally designed for diabetics, and they have a lot of side effects. And this is mainly due to the fact that they are considered man-made and contain many chemicals. So they should be taken only with the prescription of doctors. And, they absolutely can not pabegti pregnant and lactating women and young children.

Diet for sweet lovers.

To cope with the problem of pathological dependence on sweets, you really need to learn to not eat “bad” sugar and “useful”. And still need to follow a special diet.

Once awake, you should drink a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon juice and honey (one table. L.), in twenty minutes, drink a tea with dates, and the tea can be put a little milk.

Breakfast. It must be eaten half an hour after drinking tea with dates. So, Breakfast. It can be a bowl of oatmeal with ten grams of butter and thirty grams of cheese. Now, if you love coffee, it is also possible to drink, but without added sugar.

Snack. It can be done no sooner than two hours after Breakfast. It can be any fruit except banana and grapes. Also, it can be a green tea with dried fruit or a couple slices of dark chocolate.

Lunch. Lunch should be protein foods, which are desirable to combine with the vegetables.

Dinner. Half an hour before meal you should drink green tea with honey. Dinner is better to eat vegetable soup or salad or something that contains proteins.

Before bed, about an hour, a great option would be a glass of milk or green tea with raisins or cheese.

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